One thing i do tell everyone around me is that being  fashionable doesn’t mean you are a fashion victim. It just mean you have your  own way of creating your personal and unique style and still blending it all with whats trendy at that particular moment.

Anyways my name is Adura Obajimi ( haha you can outrightly guess where i coined my blog name “Adoorah” from.)

I hope to inspire, educate and definitely update you with everything going on in my fashion life and ive got various categories such as Wardrobe inspiration where i get to dish out tips on the various ways you can maximize your wardrobe staples without second guessing and yet  still looking fabulous and trendy (something about using what you have to get what you want *winks*).

Coupled with my random musings, personal style, diy and my outing stories which im certain you will find interesting.

What more can i say than welcome to my world! *big grin*