DIY as far as I’m concerned gives room for creativity. Of course, it’s always interesting and good when creating something new out of an already existing item.

I had so much fun while trying to recreate a cropped vest with hood from an old t-shirt of mine. loved the end result and its characterized athleisure vibe.

Moreover, most people requested for the detailed steps involved after seeing the picture on my instastory sometime last week.  So,  here we are! 

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  • Old t-shirt (round neck)                           
  •  Measure Tape  
  • Scissors
  • needle and thread

diy crop vest with hood

Step one

  • Starting from the hem of the vest measure a length of 10cm and mark all through.
  • with the aid of scissors divide the shirt into two by cutting along the marked lines.

diy hood crop vest

Step 2

  • To the upper part (the cropped top), cut both the front and back neck with the scissors (v neckline shape for the front and a round neckline cut for the back)

diy crop vest with hood

Step 3

  • To the second (lower) part, Draw out a hood shape as shown below on the fabric.

(Meanwhile, should in case you have a hooded sweater at home, You can place the hood part on the fabric in order to trace out the shape pattern.)

  • traced the drawn shape and cut neatly with scissors
  • Join the two sides of the cut-out together at the edge with a needled and a matching colored thread.


Crop top with hood diy

Step 4

  • Fold the cropped top into two halves (as shown below) 

Turn the stitched part of the hood inwards, and place the neck part directly on the neck area of the vest and join together with your needle and thread.

diy crop vest with hood


Diy crop top with hood

diy crop top with hood
Back view
diy crop top with hood
Front view.

And that is it guys! so easy don’t you think?.

I believe this particular DIY can also be recommended for dancers and individuals who are into various sporting activities. This is because the vest enables free body movement and easy flow of air around the body thereby reducing exhaustion. 

stay creative and have a fulfilling week ahead!


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