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lekki conservation centre

The Lekki conservation centre had always been one of the to-go places on my adventure wishlist and i’m glad i was finally able to tick it off the list  earlier this month. Thanks to the bloggers Advocate team for organizing such a wonderful trip.


The conservation centre Opens from Monday to Sunday and from 8 am to 5pm. We went on a Sunday which happend to be a public holiday (Independence day). A fee of one thousand five hundred naira was paid per adult to gain entry.

After Payment, we were all given paper tags which was worn as wristband. The tags served as evidence of payment and access to all the touring sites in the park.


CANOPY WALK: We Started the tour with the longest canopy walk in Africa. If  I must say, the long walk  wasnt meant for the faint hearted lol. I mean  i’ve heard lot of stories from people who had tried the canopy walk before and how scared they really were from the begining to the end. Of course i always laugh it off thinking it was all exaggeration. Not until I took my first step, that was when the real fear gripped me. How i was able to complete the whole seven levels still remains a miracle to me!.

lekki conservation centrelekki conservation centre

SAVANNAH: On completing the long walk, the next stop was the savannah. This is just a plain and vast grassland with open thatched huts for relaxation and games.conservation centrelekki conservation centre

TREE HOUSE:  This is another interesting part of the tour. Although, i did not have enough courage to climb it majorly as a result of the exhaustion i got from the almost forty minuites canopy walk. Moreover, It was getting late and we were more prepared to leave.

lekki conservation centre

lekki conservation centre
A peep at Uche and Michael. The untiring duo
view from the top (picture credit @selfmadeuch)


MONKEYS: There is no way the presence of these small apes can  be overlooked since they are literally everywhere and their jumping stunts are quite amazing to watch.lekki conservation centre

SCENERY: Asides the fact that the venue is a wildlife and forest reserve  park, It amazingly possess a cool, beautiful and conducieve environment. And because of this, some people seize the  opportunity as an advantage for their perfect location for photo shoots. (especially fashion and pre-wedding/ engagement photo shoots)lekki conservation centrelekki conservation centre

Overall, It was a memorable experience for me and i also got to meet other bloggers and creatives too. Super shoutout to Fareedah of for being my official photographer for that day. Let’s do this sometime again shall we? *winks*lekki conservation centrelekki conservation centre

Ever been to the Lekki conservation centre before? what was your experience like? Do share in the comment section.



  1. Obviously I can tell you had loads of fun. By the way, have they increased their fare? The last time I went the entry fee was a thousand naira

    1. Hey Sandra! yes i did had a splendid time. About the fare, I was also surprised myself but i guess it has to do with the Independence day thingy. Lol you know how prices get hiked mostly during special occassions and other exceptional days.

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