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how to style camo coloured outfits

There is something interesting about camo coloured outfits that i just can’t resist (specifically the army-green colour). Perhaps, its the ego and authority they exhude or just the popular charaterised prints that makes me find them irresistable.alternative ways to wear camo

Basically,  here in Nigeria, I know  authorities and the millitary  realm frowns down at any civillian totally glammed up in camo outfits. This is because they believe it is an act of impersonation and disrepect. 

 For someone like me who is not afraid to explore my boundaries wherever fashion and styling is concerned, I just know i have to find interesting means  to go about styling them camos.

So, if you are like me who finds camo irresistable, and you need some creative ways to go about it, then this post is for you!

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layer up

how to style styling camos

styling camo

Since the main aim is to look stylish in camo, stepping up your layering game is not a bad idea at all. Moreover, layering will help to infuse more brightness to the dull green camo colour. And trust a white t-shirt to do just that.

Twist up

how to style camo

If you want to look formal with a twist, then switching up your outfit with an alternate army green  colour clothing is advisable.styling camo outfithow to style camo

Touch up

how to style camo

A touch of army green colour to an all black outfit is also another creative way to look stylish in camos. Make do with one or two of your simple ward robe items ( e.g bag, cap, sweater, socks, shoe e.t.c) to create this to style camosalternative ways to wear camohow to style camo

P.S  All outfits were randomly thrifted. I was actually planning on decluttering my wardrobe some days back when i realised i had an interesting collection of camo coloured outfits. And that was what birthed and inspired this post by the way.

If you are to go for any of these style tips, which one would you prefer? layer up, switch up or touch up? would love to read your feedbacks.

 Stay stylish


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  1. Soldier babe u have confidence oo lol..i love army green colour too but the fact that I live very close to the army barracks wouldn’t make me shine.

    If I ever have my way around wearing camos, I’d rather belong to the team ‘twist up’ all the way

    1. hahaha you need to see the way i was watching my back every 5 seconds just to be sure a millitary personnel in disguise wasnt passing by. switching up to other army green colour outfit does it better for me too.

  2. You look great, I think you killed every look. If I ever had the confidence to wear camo out I would definitely be team twist up. But the way things are set up in this country, I am not ready to come and be doing frog jump. LooL
    Great post, nice photos…xxx

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