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how to style athleisure trend

Hello guys! been a while yea? ive been trying to sort out a few things over the past weeks. And and i must say it feels good to be back again!

how to style the athleisure trend

Athleisure is all about the chic combination of casual and athlethic outfits.

The athleisure trend is actually one of my favourites when it comes to styling. simply because its very easy to pull off  for  a street style look with little or no stress at all.

The most interesting  fact about this trend is that it has made the sportwear outfits to be more versatile and interesting. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be fashionable while looking sporty at the same time?.

There are no strict rules  to guiding how to achieve this look. Although, certain points are needed to be considered which are


Nothing feels better than inventing your own style using various tricks. In other words, you dont have to spend your money on getting a new gym outfit. By yourself, you can make an athleisure inspired outfit out of any of your random  wardrobe staple e.g t-shirt. Turn it into a crop-top or, you can adopt my diy workout vest method and thank me later *winks*

athleisure trend


This is the essence of the athleisure trend . It should be subtle and easy to interprete. Likewise, you can further make it look more super casual by adding one or two luxe items to the entire look

how to style athleisure outfits



This is all about experiment. Dont forget i said no strict rules to style this look. Therefore u can explore any of your wardrobe items be it skirts, joggers, shorts, sweaters e.t.c to perform the magic. No restrictions on footwears too. Try on your heels, trainers even to the simplest sandals.

The goal is to have fun and be comfortable while looking sporty remember?

how tgo style athleisure trend

styling athleisure outfits

how to style the athleisure trend

I hope these few tips will go a long way in helping you out. let me know your opinion in the comment section.

 stay stylish and  have a wonderful weekend ahead!

much love




  1. Hi ADURA™,

    i love the second look more (skirt and cropped sweatshirt). It kinda look simple and streamlined. im definately stealing that look haha!

    Keep making great stuff!

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