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Yaaay guess who just joined the blogosphere! (covers face). Better late than never right?. Should have started this blogging thing  a long time ago but procrastination and other personal flimsy excuses wouldnt make yo girl shine.  I decided to beat the odds this time around so here i am! (heaves a big sigh of relief)

I must say it’s actually a sweet feeling afterall, knowing i’ve found a great confidence and backup in my two wonderful planners. A blog planner by Cassie Daves and also a full year life journal from Heartdictions

life planners

I must confess that these two offline organizers are really helpful in shaping my my life and thoughts accurately so i wouldnt find juxtaposing my 8-5 job, together with my blogging venture hard to run simultaneously. And as a matter of fact for a newbie i should probabaly write a review on this two planners as time goes on and how they’ve improved and influenced my now-so-busy- life positively (lol i hope i can say that now).

Yaaas! about today’s oufit,

diy sock heels and boot trend

Y’all remember how the sock boots and heels trends were the hyped footwear sensation late last year (all thanks to Yeezy fashion brand) and i must say till now the trend is still rocking everywhere. Well, i wouldnt want to be left out of the fun myself since i’m a huge fan of fashionable and easy diy(s)

monochrome outfits

I decided to style my diy sock heels with one of my favourite black ‘n’ white striped monochrome cashmere sweater dress which i layered with a knee-lenght trench coat my mom got for me two years back ( thanks mom the coat made it to the blog hahaha). For me i must say i love the way the whole outfit turned out at the end. Yea like i was made for the weather lol.

styling sweater dress

diy fashion styles

So far guys, tell me how did i do as per first post? (lol critics allowed)  And by the way what do you think generally about the diy sock and heel trends and have you ever tried it before? let me know your thoughts in the comments section

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  1. Thumbs up girl! Try to pay attention o your punctuations. Yeah, I know its a blog…but right punctuations and spellings does no harm. Aside that, its a great piece!
    Looking forward to read more from you!
    Btw, do u remember me?

    1. Hey Blessing! of course i do remember you lol. Thanks so much for your observation.I appreciate this and it has been taken into consideration. Regards dear

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